nina wilkinsI’m Nina Lee Wilkins.  I’ve been studying spirituality for my whole life.  I was raised in Christian Science, as was my Mother and Grandmother and family.  Early on in my life I learned to heal spiritually and through thought, reading the weekly Bible lesson.  That interest in and demonstration of the Divine Mysteries and learning to understand the pure and powerful love God has for us all has taken me to many books, teachers, Gurus, workshops and spiritual practices.  All have benefited me and my friends family and clients so much that I’ve wanted to share these insights and inspirations with a larger audience.

To You who have called forth this information:  Enjoy.

Sananda has told me the earth will be healed by Grandmothers, children and flowers so let’s get on it.  In my professional life I am a Channel for Sananda (aka Jesus), Kudos (7-spirit dolphins from the Pleaides and Lela (My High Self).  I do Energywork, give Spiritual Prosperity and Opening to Channel Workshops and give Channeled readings.

I would call myself a non-denominational contemporary spiritual teacher.

Please just take from these pages, in lightness and fun what works for you and let the rest go.  Thank you for your time.  Love, Nina

This information is copyrighted all rights are reserved by the author. The intent of this information is educational only.  It is not in any way a prescription for medical treatment. This information is given to help the reader in their quest for spiritual and emotional well-being.  It is your constitutional right to use the information, though the author and publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

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