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So what? Who cares? Why does it matter?

Photo by Nina Wilkins

“So what? Who cares? Why does it matter?” my Political Science Professor at Sacramento City College would almost shout as he ran into our classroom. He knew how to wake up freshman students taking a required course. I often ask myself these questions when sitting down to write my blog. Those questions do relate to the Divine qualities of Life, Truth and Love.

“So what?” is our Life question. What is your passion? What is your joy? What makes you laugh? What makes you feel good? What is fun and meaningful for your unique self? These questions are of utmost importance in our current time on this beautiful Earth, as Oneness and Unity and Love are the makings of heaven on Earth. What brings us Joy may not be shared by our family and friends, though our feelings of Joy, the vibration of Joy, our true beingness will go out to all. So our “So what?” question is of utmost importance. Our Joy is a very important “bridge of love-light” to the higher realms, our higher self connection with all that is.

“Who cares?” is our Truth. Discovering our Truth is an ever-changing, life-long pursuit. Finding ultimate, never-changing Truths can give us a profound conscious connection with our Creator. We may find out that caring for our Earth, ourselves, our neighbors maybe is the ultimate Truth and what gives us meaning. As you walk in your neighborhood and pick up the smallest pieces of trash, especially cigarette butts, you can know that you may have saved a bird’s life that thought it was food. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness give us the feeling of Oneness with all life. Years ago one of my friends asked me, “Isn’t it ironic that we will all come together because of our trash?” Caring is the ultimate bridge to our higher knowing.

“What does it matter?” is the Love in our life. Thankfully Love is all there is. God is Love. Learning to truly Love ourselves is what matters. Babaji teaches us to accept our self acceptance. Loving ourselves as Divine children is what matters. As you Love yourself as Divine Love you can easily claim all that Father Mother God has for you. Your health, peace, prosperity, creativity, Love radiate to your family, friends, community, town, state, country and Universe. You and your life matter more than you will ever know.

I read an account of a freshman in college who had determined that his only way out of the pain he was feeling was to take his own life. As he walked across the campus that day he stumbled and dropped all of his books. Another student observed this and went
over to help him pick them all up. This small act of kindness and caring served to change his mind. He decided to Live. Our life, our truth, our Love matters. You are a gift and a bridge of love-light to all that is.

god is love

Channeling from May 8: God is Love.

God is Love.

You are Love.

I am Love.

We have been created out of Love and we are Love.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

That Love heals, creates, restores, resurrects and forgives.

That same Love shows us the way home to our Creator Source.

All we need do is be the Love that we are, and allow the Love that is here for us in all of its beneficial, infinite forms. In this state in the ever present Now, the presence of Love transforms us moment by moment to our truest and best self.

Thank you for being here.