Calling All Unemployed Angels

Calling all unemployed angels

On my spiritual journey I have studied many religious texts, read many spiritual books and have taken many wonderful, meaningful and helpful workshops. Earth life presents many challenges and creates situations that, if we are willing, allow for quantum leaps in our spiritual understanding and growth.

I discovered Angels at a time in my life where all that I had learned seemed too difficult to put into practice. My laundry list of difficulties seemed too overwhelming. In prayer I heard, “Call on Angels.” I had always called on Divine Love. Angels? How do I do that? I was led to a series of books by Terry Lynn Taylor teaching very simple and easy ways to work with Angels– just ask.

Angels opened up a new chapter in my intuitive and channeling practice. Realizing that infinite Love, Grace and creativity are always available to us, along with Healing, I learned that we are given Free Will from our Creator, so we need to ask for help from Angels and our High Self and allow the help that is given. The most wonderful discovery was that all we need do with Angels is ask and allow.

Over the last 30 years I have experienced many miracles on all levels of my life. A funny but very helpful one occurred moments before I was about to teach a Metaphysical class, in my home, for 14 students. I was preparing our lunch when I noticed the sink was clogged and backing up, and then noticed the bathrooms were backing up and everything was clogged and stopped up. I prayed and heard that water corresponds with the emotional body and the students coming were going to heal emotionally. We were all stopped up and blocked in various areas. The picture of having this big mess at our class was so upsetting. I heard, “Call all unemployed, available Angels to clear up the drains.” I did, and within moments I heard a loud pop and all the drains and pipes cleared. The cleanliness and clarity was very important for me to bring in the higher frequencies for our class. Wonderful. So easy: ask the Angels and be willing to  allow your Good to manifest.

Over the years I have learned about specific Angels that have Mastered an infinite variety of subjects from plumbing, to Master Healers, to Prosperity, to any quality in the Universe of Good. The really wonderful thing is all you need to do is ask. You don’t need to know their names, though often they will tell you their names if you listen. We all have at least one guardian Angel that will guide, protect and intercede for us when we are in danger. We need not ask at these times. We do need to ask for help for other times, subjects and situations as Angels will not interfere. They must be invited.

If this subject of asking Angels for help is new for you I’m guessing you will have whole new vistas and positive life experiences open up for you. If it is a reawakening to all the help that is at hand for you, great! Each time we heal or expand, or grow with the help of our High Selves and Angels, everyone we share the Earth with benefits. Even the flowers, trees and pets that live near you perk up and feel the love. I invite you to explore working and playing with Angels. I work with Archangel Michael for protection, Archangel Raphael for Healing, and a variety of Earth Angels for all manner of blessings, clearings and Joy.

Flowers have been called Earth Angels, and I believe that they are.

9 thoughts on “Calling All Unemployed Angels

  1. So lovely, Nina. Thank you. Some of us were brought up in religions that made it taboo somehow to pray to anyone other than God, as if it were praying to idols. I guess they didn’t realize that God created All of out Itself, and the angels are a particular and beautiful expression of the One Self. I’ve been keeping the angels pretty busy lately :-).

    1. Dear Robin, I’m so grateful for your comments. They always enhance my intention for this blog of helping each other come into more peace unity, joy and fun. Thank you, Nina

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  2. The idea of angels should not be new because they are mentioned in the Bible and depicted in so many kinds of ancient art. It is lovely to know people today can benefit from knowing they are always there to help us. Thank you for this beautiful blog. Love

    1. Dear Charmaine, Thank you so much for reading my blog and giving such a thoughtful comment. I’m happy we have this forum to share insights and helpful thoughts. Love, Nina

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  3. This blog made me feel so happy!
    It made all the unemployed Angels just waiting to be called happy too!
    Thank you for inspiring us to make the call and be specific there’s a Angel
    For every task ! Joy
    Joy we are never alone
    Love and gratitude

  4. Thank you Nina for the joyful and inspiring post!!! I love working with Mother and Her angels, The Archangels and all of the vast legions of angels on a daily
    basis. The angels always fill me with such a potent, compete, Divine Love. I am always reminded to ask for anything I need help with. The Ascended Msters and the angels have taught me to clear, release and replenish the unlimited amount of Love we all have at our fingertips. For me personally, Mastery will be to keep my energetic frequency as high as possible. Not to allow pain, suffering or loss to squash me into the lower vibratory frequencies that amplify more of the same. I am certainly grateful we have a lifetime to accomplish this feat because it sure takes daily practice! I love you
    Nina ❤️

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