By Nina Wilkins

We are in the midst of an incredible, immeasurable, mysterious, miraculous planetary shift of the ages. Wow. Almost too amazing to grasp. This change includes You. Your family, friends, pets, plants, trees, all animals, all species, soil, water, flowers– you name it. Every part of Gaia, Sophia, Virgo, Patcha Mama, our incredible Earth Mother, will transform and is transforming to a higher way of being Love. A higher frequency of Life and our higher spiritual Truths are manifesting all around us.

You may want to start small with these ideas as Sananda has told me often over the years that the planetary changes begin with us. You and I are building the New Earth by the way we live. Our consciousness of good is transmitting light to all around us. He has mentioned many times that the major changes in our world will be grass roots, from ourselves, our self love, to loving and forgiving our human family and to becoming conscious of the fact that we are all connected. We are not separate from our Creator, our Planet and all of her inhabitants including the Unified Universal Love of All.

Dandelions, frogs and butterflies show us by their lives how natural it is to transform into an entirely different form and still be themselves, though an expanded version of their essence. We are transforming into our higher selves as we speak. We are changing into our soul-infused personalities. As we become more aware and awaken to our good, we can make small changes that make a huge difference in our lives. In past blogs I have written about flower essences, charged water, crystals and music as simple and easy ways to help us transform daily.

Other readily available helpers are Herbs. Over the years learning about herbs and flower essences has been my hobby. We are all very unique in our bodies, emotions, beliefs and cultural adaptations, so I invite you to try a variety of herbs that you are drawn to. I have found Traditional Medicinals to be a high quality, reliable and available source of herbal teas. Teas are a good way to learn about herbs and to discover their benefits for You.

I have always loved dandelions. Their herbal profile is stated on the box in the photo below. Also, the Spirit of transformation is part of their essence. Your time will be well spent learning about and using herbs. One of my favorite mail order companies is Monterey Bay Spice Company. They are reasonably priced and have a beautiful online monthly newsletter. They sell herbs, spices and teas.

Every small change for the better we make in our lives will help the collective consciousness rise. Letting go of plastic will help our waters infinitely. Eating organic foods enhances our bodies but also soils and our farmers’ health. Riding bikes is fun and helps our air quality. So, let’s go. We do know what to do and be and it’s not too late.

4 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. It’s not to late ! I am Happy Happy Happy to Love all into our next step. I Love this blog hope to see it in book form soon!
    Nina you are a wealth of information . Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your gifts !!! Love the photos !

  2. This post is as relevant if not more today than when you wrote it! We must become our expanded versions as you say…we need to allow ourselves to be, do and imagine MORE of what we want to see here. It’s way too easy to get caught in the “what is” or “what seems to be” and focus on what is unwanted but catching the clues in nature around us–the reminders of transformation of everything around us–how does that happen if we don’t allow it? Or if we fight and resist nature’s call to connect deeply and shift? We may perhaps transform easier and more gracefully than we can imagine. Thank you, Nina the Alchemist, for reminder here. So appreciated! You also reminded me that early this spring I picked loads of fresh dandelions to make dandelion vinegar! Those were happy days when I let myself be guided to where they were. I had a bit of struggle about picking them because they were so bright and lovely but then I got a feeling if I didn’t they may not last anyway because some view them as weeds.I felt I got the “okay” to pick them. Sure enough, very next day, they were mowed down! I am so grateful to the ones who came with me for their transformation into a lifegiving botanical elixir.

    1. Dear Dela,Wonderful. I received chills the whole time I was reading your comments. I still remember the healing elixir lunch you made for Hana and I many years ago. I’m glad you listened regarding the dandelions. A few years ago I saw a whole field of beautiful wild herbs on the land we were renting. I didn’t listen and the next day they were all mowed and I cried. Thank you for the thoughtful and inspiring comments. Blessings, Nina

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