Encounters with Fairies are a gift from the elemental kingdoms.

I have had a few contacts with fairies, Devas and the non-localized spirit of nature, Pan. Each one changed me for the better in some way. One of them stands out, as it gave me hope and reassurance that I was on my Spiritual Path.

Melinda and I, along with our four-year-old children, Clayton and Hana, were hiking up a familiar trail in Big Sur, California. We came upon my favorite part of the trail where the creek had a small bend and opened briefly to a small, sunny meadow. I always liked to pause at that spot where the trail, that had been winding through moist shady coast redwoods, came to this juncture of an open, grassy meadow touched by the winding stream.

We paused to take it all in before continuing on, and as I turned to look at the meadow, a round ball of golden light (about the size of a dessert plate) came right up to my face. All of the sudden, everything went very quiet—stillness, no sound, as I felt enveloped in this beautiful, otherworldly translucent light. I stood frozen, not moving a hair as this experience took hold of me completely. Melinda was waving at me, and I could hardly hear what she was saying in a muffled tone: “What is happening? What is happening?” It was one of those “out of time” experiences. In a couple of moments the ball of light left, though that experience has lasted vividly inside me for all of these many years.

“A moment in the soul will last forever,” as the lyric to a popular song goes. That experience allowed me to know that I did have a strong connection to the elemental kingdoms and that I should pay attention to it and treasure it.

Now is the time for All of humanity to know the elementals are real and are calling us for help.

It is not difficult to contact the fairy realm. It takes sincerity, love of Mother Nature and a willingness to see things differently– or in an innocent, childlike energy. Fairies respond to us when we are kind, respectful and aware of the connection we have to all beings who share Gaia with us: animals, plants, the standing people-trees, insects, the stone people and an entire kingdom of light beings we are yet to meet. As Shakespeare has reminded us, “One breath of Nature makes the whole world kin.”

We don’t expect our hearing to be like our sense of smell, or our vision to be like our touch, but often we expect these elemental connections to be like our ordinary awareness… when in truth these spiritual gifts are extraordinary and often fleeting, though forever. So, to enter the near-but-veiled dimension of the elemental kingdom, it helps (but is not required) to be in your feminine, receptive side. A belief that the Devas, fairies, gnomes, elves, leprechauns, little people, merpeople, undines, sprites and pixies exist is a very good start. Caring for your home and environment will invite them closer to you.

As you water your plants, thank the Nature spirit of each one. All living beings in Mother Nature have guardian spirits, just as all humans have guardian Angels. As you recognize this, you can have a deeper relationship with your pets, trees and even the wild birds that come to visit you.

If this is all new to you, or if it’s just that you needed a reminder or confirmation of your own sensitive connection to the Earth and all of her inhabitants, a way to start connecting with this realm is with my favorite new fairy book: Inside the Secret Life of Fairies: Where Dreams Come True, by Maggie Hamilton. I love the short stories of many different people’s encounters with the Elemental Kingdom.

Your own delightful, joyful and mysterious encounter is just waiting for you to allow it.

7 thoughts on “Fairies

  1. Thank You I loved Hearing you experience it’s wonderful! We are privileged to be here now and to have this blog
    My Heartfelt Love and Gratitude 🙏

    1. Dear Janette, I appreciate your comments so much. For years you told me “Fairies unite, fairies unite,” when I came to your door and now we are uniting in the love of Mother Nature. Keep up the good work. Blessings, Nina

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  2. Wonderful post, Nina. I’m just now reading The Life of Trees. I’m astounded by the way they communicate with each other and other species. It is now quantifiable through technology. Because this has made me pay closer attention, something amazing happened the other day. I was walking through a forested neighborhood when one tree in particular drew me to it, a great oak. As I touched it, I became aware of a dozen rusty nails driven into its bark, as if they once held up signs. It broke my heart. Very gently, I pried each one out and blessed the tree, asking it to forgive humanity. I don’t think the experience was incidental. Very touching.

    1. Dear Robin, Thank you for your beautiful story of helping the Oak Tree. A wonderful part of that is you can return to that same tree and develope a lasting friendship with it. The Dryad, or spirit of the tree may have helpful messages for you and your family. Also, another very helpful aspect of that experience is you joined with the trees essence and telegraphed the thoughts to other people who can pick them up telepathically and help trees in their neighborhood. Wonderful. Blessings, Nina

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      1. Wonderful! I will greet the dear tree when I pass. Hopefully, folks in the area will now pause before they hammer nails into these beautiful creatures!

  3. Thank you. I don’t know why I am so resistant to paying more attention to nature.
    I am glad for your insight and encouragement to do so. I love the amazing butterfly video.

    1. Dear Charmaine Thank you very much for your loving comment. You aren’t resistant to Mother Nature in Truth as you have a spectacular flower garden, many pets, fruit trees and beautiful house plants which connect you every day to nature. If you want to explore wild nature maybe you could have a friend walk with you on a nature trail. Until then I hope you will enjoy your beautiful garden. Blessings, Nina

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