The Miracle of Trees

Our aspen fairy ring. Aspens share root systems and grow near water in groups. One of their adaptations for cold weather is their bark contains 30-50% as much chlorophyl as their leaves. Photo by Nina Wilkins

A few years ago, my daughter Hana and her sweet dog, Lola, and I spent the summer camping. Our first campground made me feel uneasy because it was part of Laguna Seca Raceway. The cars zooming around the track were so loud, and the energy so filled with intensity, that in my sensitivity I felt lost.

As I am a firm believer in “silver linings” and the Allness of Love, I knew there would be good and I would learn to feel safe in all the noise.

Hana said, “You pick the spot, Mom.” We both wanted to be close to the bathrooms, so I picked a spot for my tent near them, and very close to a beautiful oak tree. Oaks have been my favorites since I was a child. One of my spiritual teachers when I was in my 20’s would often tell me, “Nina you are such a Druid,” before I even knew what a Druid was.

This time period held a lot of uncertainty for us as we were waiting for our new home to appear out of the experience that there was nothing in the area within our price range that would allow dogs. In hindsight, this was a coming of age story and a vision quest for both Hana and myself.

I kept my faith in the good and my love of Mother Nature. Even with the activities of the race track, the beauty of the blue sky, birds chirping, sunshine and incredible trees (Oaks and Pines) kept me uplifted. Also, Hana and Lola were both happy in our new adventure. It was summertime and we had always loved camping. Here was our opportunity, even if it did come as a necessity.

Our first night, I was standing next to the opening of my tent and was consumed by fear thoughts when all of a sudden the spirit of the oak tree, or Dryad, jumped out. She was feminine and just a little smaller in stature than me. She looked straight at me with black, piercing eyes. She had long, jet black hair with straight bangs, and an attractive but unusual face with a pointed nose. She had a strong sense of purpose in her being. She told me telepathically not to worry– that she would protect Hana, Lola and I. And then she vanished.

I felt very honored and surprised that a Dryad would appear to me, let alone comfort and protect me, though I trusted the truth of it as I felt her presence. I had a sound, restful sleep that night. I resolved to find the good and love in Mother Nature every day and enjoy our camping adventure.

We had many other camp spots and campgrounds during that summer. Each had new trees to talk to. With these new trees I had strong feelings with messages, though no visuals. At one unofficial camp in the Big Sur hills we were joined often by blue jays, stellar jays, bunnies, butterflies and funny squirrels who transmuted my unease. Each time I was tempted to go into fear of not finding a home, Mother Nature’s creatures brought me back to the Now and LOVE.

I told Hana that our only job was to stay uplifted by looking for the good, and we would be fine. At the end of that summer we were rewarded with a lovely new home that was perfect for all of us. More than we could have asked for, beautiful trees and gardens and part of a duplex with my dear friend Janette.

Trees are the lungs of Mother Earth. They are helping us find the truth of ourselves, Love.

It’s a very rewarding experience to have a friendship and relationship with a tree. I believe one is calling you right NOW.

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