Divine Love, Music and Cows

Photo by Hana Cynkar c 2021

Music and song, chanting, humming, toning or drumming have a unique way of transmitting Love. The love of music is not limited to humans. Music is love, and like love is everywhere present.

In the photo above, the cows came to the fence to hear the music being played on the radio.  Hana and her husband Brian noticed them run to the fence to hear the music as they were canoeing on the Teton River. 

So tender.

I love cows.  

Years ago I decided I would only buy milk from dairies where the cows were treated more than humanely, but very well. I visited several dairies in Northern California and found the Strauss Dairy. The cows roam freely on rolling hills of green pastures that are reminiscent of Ireland. So beautiful. The cows seem very content and are  well cared for. The milk is amazing and comes in returnable bottles. 

Cows are all Love. They give their milk freely with Grace.

The photo above and the video below inspired me to share simple but very potent ideas for us to Live:

Let Go and Let God.

Let Love do its job.

Cows are so good at being themselves. They are out in nature transmitting love as they graze.

Sananda often reminds me to just Be the Love that I am. Being in the stillness allows our own Divine Presence to well up and inspire us to create, be joyful and feel peace.

Thank you to all the Cows on Earth and for their beautiful milk, cheese and butter.

I once passed a semi truck painted with a beautiful pasture scene, including cows, with the writing: Kerigold Butter, the reason Irish Eyes are smiling.

I’m of Irish descent and I agree that pure creamery butter, milk and cheese from “happy cows” makes me smile.

7 thoughts on “Divine Love, Music and Cows

  1. I Love Irish butter you can taste the love!! I love the farmer playing music for the cows now that is Heaven on Earth

  2. I love this! Thank you for sharing. Cows are so sweet and unassuming. As you mentioned, simply content to be the love that they are. ❤️

  3. Yes! Strauss and Kerigold are the best in all the right ways. I join you in your love for the humble, magnificent cows and their stewards. Happily, there are efforts in Washington DC to eradicate inhumane treatment of all livestock raised to feed us. We are so blessed!

  4. Ah this reminds me of when i lived in Ramona, Ca…many miles away from town in a small cabin with the nearest neighbor being half a mile away. Often there were a couple of cows who would show up next to the cabin when we played music. I wasn’t even sure where they were from. They were curious and so fun to have them visiting…especially since no one else did except for critters. We have a lot to learn from cows and their peaceful ways. the Irish in me especially honors their service and love. 🙂

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