4 thoughts on “Love

  1. Lovely messages, beloved Nina! HeartMath Institute is fabulous. Remember Joseph Chilton Pearce? (author of Magical Child). He was working closely with HeartMath before he passed on. He told me in the 90s that he considered Doc Childre to be one of the greatest teachers ever to walk the Earth. So good to know the institute is firmly established and forging alliances with scientific communities.

    1. Dear Robin, Thank you very much for your comment. I had the joy of attending one of C. Pearce’s lectures 20 years ago. He inspired me so much. I am very grateful that the Heart Math Institute is finding a wider audience who can try their simple techniques for heart and mind coherence. Wonderful. Blessings, Nina

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    1. Dear Charmaine, Thank you for your comment. I’m always happy to know you took the time to read and comment. Very much appreciated. Your comments always make me smile and laugh. Glad you will hear more from Neil Diamond. Blessings ❣️ Nina Sent from my iPad


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