Water, Walking and Words

In the video above Oprah interviews Thich Nhat Hanh, or Thay, as his followers call him.

Many years ago I saw this interview, and the part that stayed with me is when Oprah tells Thay that just being in his presence she feels less stress and more peaceful. She asks him if he always feels peace and he responds, “That is my practice.”  

That one thought has stayed with me, “That is my practice.” It has inspired me to write about Water, Walking and Words and having that as a practice. I know that walking is the best exercise, fresh spring water one of the best things for our bodies, and words create our experiences in life.

My reasoning is that knowing these simple three things and practicing them can be very beneficial. Thay combines walking with mindfulness and peace. I like to combine walking mindfully with cultivating joy as my practice. When he said cultivating peace is my practice, it gave me not only an overwhelming feeling that peace is possible, but a knowing that we can practice Divine Qualities of kindness, love and joy until they are such a part of us that they radiate from us and are available for others who are in our presence.

The statement, “That is my practice,” frees us to start again when we fall short. When we put our energy and intention, our mindfulness, to a practic,e it will grow, step by step. Our job is to choose where we want to put our energy and intention.

I often ask myself the question, “What do I want to bring into this moment?”

I included the video in the middle today because I feel grateful that our US Embassy, in an official capacity, gave a tribute to Thay. The United States was one of his second homes, and he still has a great following here, along with Plum Village in France.

The last video is a wonderful teaching about worry, which I feel we can all benefit from.

I’ve have listened to many of Thay’s teaching  videos over the years and have received their effect of being bridges of love light to my high self.

What do you want to have as your practice, without any self-judgement or recrimination, just a loving habit that will allow one of the many Divine parts of yourself to grow and flourish?

6 thoughts on “Water, Walking and Words

  1. Dear Nina, as always your words of wisdom come with impeccable timing. I had such an amazing day yesterday! As I was saying goodbye to the 8 yr old little girl that I care for after school, she said, “I wish it was tomorrow so I can see you again!” Twinkling, love filled eyes. Our afternoon was filled with singing, dancing, laughing and doing chores. Then soon after, my neighbor sent me into fear. How can we feel such extremes? When I asked Spirit how to stay in The Now, I heard “practice being still.” Thank you so much for doing your blog. When I am feeling out of balance, I return here, reread, and always find words of wisdom and comfort. With gratitude, Debbie

  2. How beautiful that an American speaker was able to honor Thay and Martin Luther King’s teachings with such heartfelt expression, and to reflect the importance of compassion, non-violence, tolerance, and religious freedom. This gives me great hope for the US.

  3. I was not familiar with Thich Nhat Hanh and enjoyed the videos and your remarks. I will look for more of his talks on Youtube. It is so important to be reminded to be always in the now and to know that healing is always possible. also liked his directions on how to relax. Thank you. Love you. Charmaine+

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