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Einstein is quoted as saying you can live your life as if nothing is a miracle or that everything is a miracle.

I prefer the latter.

Water is Love in the Elemental Kingdoms.

The Earth is 70% Water. Our bodies are 70% Water. We are also Love. That in itself is a miracle.

One small miracle for me happened this week as I decided to write about water. I looked up Masaru Emoto’s book on Amazon, Love Thyself, to see if it was still available. As I found it, the top heading said, “Nina you purchased this book on March 21, 2019.” I laughed as I knew I would be writing about water today, March 21, 2023.

Masaru Emoto has felt he discovered the water crystals, and that water has memory, by being guided by the spirit, or Hado, of water. I feel that I was guided by that same spirit to write again about the miracle of water. If you search for Water with the tool above, you will find 17 other articles about the miracles, Magic and mysteries of water.

Are your emotions solid and frozen? Love and forgiveness may help you. Are you steaming mad? Maybe taking a few breaths in the Now will bring you back to peace. Are you a stagnant pond? Movement in Nature can clear your inertia and bring clarity to you. Are you weeping and sad? Let go. All things are becoming new.

“To love yourself is to love and thank all of existence” -Masaru Emoto

Water corresponds to our emotions. We can be a raging river or a peaceful lake, a stream or fog. A 50-foot wave or humidity on a hot day. Rain, snow, sleet and mists are part of our holographic makeup. Tuning in to our own waters will give us insights to our own healing and how to heal our Oceans, rivers and streams.

We can heal the waters of the Earth and heal our bodies at the same time when we understand the rice experiment. (Top video.) Our consciousness is raised when we understand the power of our thoughts, words, emotions, feelings and actions.

Both of the videos today go far to enhance our understanding of the Miracle of water.

The photographs  of the crystals are from Water Crystal Oracle by Masaru Emoto, from The Hidden Messages in Water.

To make a  simple tonic for yourself, hold your glass of water and feel Gratitude and Appreciation. 

These frequencies are the same as Love, the most powerful force in the universe, and will bring that message to your water. Drink and enjoy.

Thank you.

Divine Love

Women’s history, Mary Reynolds, part 2.

Einstein has taught us, “Logic will take you from A to B in a straight line, but imagination will take you everywhere.”

In the movie Dare to be Wild, one of the song lyrics playing in the background says, “Nothing grows in a straight line.” As we awaken to our own imagination and creativity, we open to a whole new part of our Divine Self. When our heart, imagination and intuition lead us, everything is new and filled with presence.

Steve Jobs told us, “You can only connect the dots in your life backwards.” I love that expression because many of the miracles I have experienced in my life have been in spite of myself. They have come unexpectedly and have reminded me of my Higher Self guidance to go places I would not have thought of. The most dramatic of these was when friends and I decided to attend “The Gathering of the Children of Light” in Mt. Shasta . This was on a whim. Our excitement was more about being together, camping at Crystal Lake and seeing the Mountain for the first time. To our surprise, we could have never guessed what that time would bring. That weekend, being with The Who’s Who of channeling, and 300 light workers (1986), changed my life for the better for ever. It put me very decidedly on my Higher Purpose Path.

I have learned over the years, channeling ascended masters and Divine Love, that one very important aspect of the Divine, and often overlooked in codified religious and spiritual teachings, is Divine Mystery.

 When you think about it, we have to have Divine Mystery or we couldn’t have the infinity of expansion that we have. Life would be a closed system. This mystery allows for discovery, aliveness, growth and fun. Scientists are happy to work around the clock when they are on the verge of a new discovery. Putting their knowledge and wisdom in a certain field, along with their imagination and intuition, helps them put the puzzle pieces together for new discoveries. 

When our heart and imagination leads our mind, our unique creativity is infinite. 

In the video above, Mary teaches us that when nature is left alone, in most climates, forests will return. Forests then can be a home to a myriad of species including a kingdom that is now being explored for its many benefits for all species: The Fungarium.

My friend, Deborah, recently gave me this amazing book. We see there are as many branches below the tree’s surface as there are above. I feel that is what is true for us also– that as many branches or more are within us as in our outer world. “As above, so below.”

This is a time of great Renaissance for Humanity, Mother Nature, the Animal Kingdoms, the Plant Kingdoms, Fungariums and the Elemental Kingdoms. All are growing in new ways: expanding, evolving, blossoming.

You and I are in an incredibly momentous time. Heaven on Earth is here now. We just need to see it, feel it and awaken to it. It just requires our attention, intention and expressing the unique, Divine Mystery that we are.