Why flower essences? Part III


Part III

     To continue:  “Quite simply put, flowers heal” Dr. Edward Bach

     Just beginning to think about flowers as healers has an impact on your consciousness.  Whenever we can take a step back from our worries, aches, pains, fears, or sorrows and know help is at hand in the simplest of forms we have moved slightly out of a negative mind generated space to one a little more positive.  I’ve found that when I just sit in a beautiful nature spot or garden and just “be” for as little as 15 minutes a change will come over me.  Stress and worry will dissipate naturally as the breeze blows old thought -forms away.  If you will just sit and let your thoughts flow by, as when you meditate, and then sit a little longer, maybe 20 minutes it is very likely that you will feel an uplift or sense of peace.  If your mind keeps chattering about all of the things you need to do, just say, “alright, it will all get done better in harmony” just relax for a minute.  Very likely then you will smell a sweet fragrance you hadn’t noticed:  a flower’s perfume that with your mind and thoughts racing you hadn’t noticed or smelled.  Then, maybe an insect, bird or butterfly will land near you.  This is my favorite part of noticing the subtle shift in my own energy, when it is calm and gentle and harmless enough to attract these little beings.  This is the framework or space in which you can receive the subtle energies of flowers.  As we are in this gentle space of communion with nature  we relax, let go of stress and breathe.  Since well-being and love is our core energy we allow our higher-self to give us inspiration on what course to take.  Our intuition is enhanced and inspiring thoughts begin to stream in.  Yes, all of this from breathing deeply,  andrelaxing into a garden or nature.

Flower essences work on this level.  They work on our emotional body and consciousness.  As we move to a higher plane in consciousness our body reflects that in more energy and health.  When we retrain ourselves to know that every thing we need is at hand we can begin to see and feel the power of love.  The power of simplicity in allowing the elements to bring us wellness is demonstrated. Dr. Bach discovered the unique qualities of flowers, shrubs, and trees that enhance our well-being and help clear and balance our emotions.

See what flowers “speak” to you.  My favorites have always been roses, daisies and succulents with lots of wild flowers thrown in.  Succulents bring a calm with them as they contain their own water.  Their beautiful geometries and delicate flowers give a sense of a grand cosmic designer.  I love them because they are always beautiful and then in the rare occaision that they bloom, it is such a surprise and gift.  Please have the fun of exploring your relationship with flowers, shrubs, and trees.  You may be very pleasantly surprised at the benefits received simply by appreciating and ackowledging your flower friends.  Remember,  “It all began in a garden.”

This article is from the booklet “Why Flower Essences”, by Nina Wilkins Copyright 2011


2 thoughts on “Why flower essences? Part III

  1. Ahhh….why does this blog site smell so beautiful? I always seem to receive a clearing of my stress when visiting…sights, smells, sounds, energies that relax me gently and easily…thanks for my morning vacation, wonderful and powerful Nina, healing flowers, devas and all high vibrational energies that are obviously gathering and playing here! 🙂 Dela

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