Water walking and words


Walking in Nature is your number one Key to Well-Being.

Our bodies are designed to move. Everything in Nature is in constant movement, even if just at the atomic level as in rocks. Breezes, clouds, rivers, oceans, ice flows, leaves, grasses, animals and ….. Us.

We are in constant movement. A very popular Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, teaches many around the world about Being here now while walking (You Are Here, Shambala Press 2009). This alone is a healing, as we are designed to be Joy at our core. Another popular spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, wrote one of my favorite books about Nature, Stillness Speaks. He writes, “Nature has been waiting for us as it were, for millions of years.”

The movement of walking in Mother Nature enhances all of our systems, heart, lungs, muscles, etc, though the most beneficial part is well-being even if just for a moment. When you walk silently in Nature for just 20 minutes, you arrive at the same frequency of inner peace that you would having meditated, sitting in a room, for the same length of time. The added benefit of being outside is Prana, the energy of pure air from trees, sunshine, flowers, plants, water and the Spirit of Mother Nature. We are designed to walk.

As we see the horizon in the distance, our body and emotions balance themselves. Sananda teaches us to contemplate infinity every day which we do as we see the horizon or star gaze. Watching the sun rise connects you to Mother Earth, and the sunset prepares you for a restful sleep. These activities are so simple but contribute to our wellness, on so many levels, reminding us we are a part of the Whole Earth and universe. We are not looking at nature as a photograph, but are immersed in Mother Nature and are very much a part of it, not separate or isolated from all that is. We each have a very unique part to play upon this alive world.

The photo I took is a Mimosa tree that just for the moment caught the rays of sunlight. I live for the joy of these moments and hope you will, too, in discovering such a simple and fun way to enhance your peace, health, well being, inspiration, clarity and a renewed love of birds, trees, animals and the Elemental world.

Next week… Words.

3 thoughts on “WATER, WALKING and WORDS, Part 2

  1. This blog is a beautiful reminder how important it is for us to enjoy and value Mother Nature And to acknowledge her blessings to ourselves

    1. Hi Charmaine, Thank you so much for your comment. So glad you liked it. Leona is such a great help. I bought a Blarney scone bread at Trader Joe’s (Irish) yesterday and had some for breakfast With lemon curd. Delicious. I’ve haven’t had scones in a long time and it was really good.

      Your trip to England sounds so fun. I love it. Very much love to you, 9🐬🌞🌟❤️🍀😍🍩🍩🌠🌸🍭💗🎆😀🐴🤑🌈

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  2. Yes! Contemplating infinity all the time :-). A beautiful post, Nina. Thank you!

    Just got report back that Julien’s brainwaves are normal. Grace says HELLO again. Thank you from the depths of my soul for the ongoing support.

    Heaps of love, Robin

    Robin Gregory http://www.robingregory.net facebook.com/RobinGregoryAuthor Twitter @tweety_robin

    One word at a time, one sentence at a time, we discover worlds that help us better understand ourselves.—Robin Gregory


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