Woods Rose, photo by Hana Wilkins

The photos for today are of wild roses growing by the creek in our neighborhood. With their pink hue and sun-yellow centers they bring vitality and uplift to you. Their fragrance is subtle and sweet. Since many grow along the path, the sweet breeze carries you along your walk and with the negative ions in the air from the rushing creek nearby your thoughts and feelings are lifted and energized.

Such a wonderful way to start the day.

A very fun thing I have done in my life is make friends of plants, trees, flowers and of course the obvious– our beloved pets; dogs, cats, horses, and a very dear hamster.

If you would like to make friends with a flower it is easy and rewarding as flowers love to share their essence with you. Since they have lived on our Grandmother Earth for 114 million years, each has a unique set of patterns, wisdom and frequencies to share.

Step one is to stand or sit next to the flower you choose.
Step two is to appreciate your new friend. Tell her what pleases you– fragrance, color shape or feeling. Flowers love appreciation.
Step three is to just be with her. Be still and breathe in her essence. Just be in a relaxed state of allowing and ask what she would like to share with you. You may receive words to a song, a feeling, a thought or information that will help you.
Step four is to thank her and ask if there is anything you can do to make her more comfortable.
Step five is to enjoy the feeling of having made a new friend.

Flow is the first part of the word flower, and they all have a very special way to return us to Love, our natural flow. Receiving help simply by making a connection with a flower will open the many doors for you to incredible Divine Mysteries in Mother Nature. Trees, Herbs, Butterflies, Hawks, Owls, Deer, Clouds, Streams, Dragonflies, Lady Bugs… to name a few, are all very unique, even among their own species. A world of wonder awaits you to open to a conscious connection with these beings, as we are all already connected in spirit to all that is.

A few years ago I attended a spiritual retreat in nature. We gathered around a tree to thank it for its service of bringing us clean air and shade and asked it how we could help it. Several participants ventured eloquent metaphysical, and fairly complex, ideas of how we could help this lovely being when one of the ladies shouted, “This tree just wants a drink of water!” We all laughed. We just needed to open and allow the wisdom of the tree to come to us.

I have always been uplifted by gardens, forests, oceans and trees. Abraham, through Esther and Jerry Hicks, teaches us the most important thing for us to attract the life we love is to feel good. Mother Nature has never failed to help me feel a little better, then better, until I’m lifted to a place where my creativity starts to flow. That is one of my favorite and best feelings.

Woods Rose, photo by Hana Wilkins

11 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. In our world of stress and chaos your blog bring joy and peace ! Blessings to you and keep up the good works ! Look forward to having your book! Beautiful phot so vibrant

  2. As psychic intuitive and empaths, there are some days when I/we feel the world’s/humanities’ pain, suffering and loss so strongly. Tears stain my cheeks as I release and clear away negative energies. Brining in Divine Love (it feels like wash, rinse, repeat!) Being in Nature, gardening with naked toes helps. A lovely foxglove plant, that calls herself “Matilda” has become a new and favorite friend. Colorful bee loving, spring time flowers line her pot. When I feel sad or overwhelmed, I remember your advice Nina. Spend time in Nature! My youngest grew up saying “Nature is my hospital.” Today I find myself sitting with the flowers and veggie plants. Asking for words of wisdom. Asking what I can do to make their lives healthier and happier. Today I hear, “just breathe! Be happy! Thank you!” I am so grateful for my human, fur and nature spirit friends! I started re-reading “Ask and it is Given.” Just the right words for the moment always seem to leap off the page. It’s difficulty at times to let go of the Old World. But moments in The New World does make it so much easier. I love you Nina. You give so freely of yourself. What can we do for you?❤️

    1. Dear Debbie, Thank you so much for your comment. I’m very grateful for your love for Mother Nature and all the people in your community. Let’s keep going Upward and Onwards. Love, Nina

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  3. I think this message was very comforting is these times of imposed isolation and loneliness , it’s nice to know we can make friends with flowers and trees. Thank you.

    1. Dear Charmaine, Thank you. Yes, it is very rewarding to discover communication and Love with beings we are sharing Mother Earth with. You might enjoy one of my favorite books, “Journey into Nature”, by Michael Roads. Best for you, Nina

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  4. Beautiful post, Nina Heart. I love the photos of wild roses. Just seeing them lifts my spirit. Of course, I love the tree interactions, too. Regarding plants: My naturopath plants ivy and spider ferns outside her house because they are a good way to protect your household from EMFs. They tend to absorb them. Have you ever heard this?

    1. Dear Robin, I appreciate your comments so much. Yes, I have heard that all types of plants help to neutralize the effects of EMFs. The benefits of plants never cease to amaze me and I’m so happy more and more people are discovering the spirits and over lighting Devas of trees, flowers, and an infinity of plant varieties. So much abundance of good for us all. Blessings, Nina

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  5. When i can’t get out in nature, I know I can count on your blog to take me right into the heart of love and nature. Thank you, dear Nina. Feeling better and so is my doggie since I am reading to him. 🙂

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