Foundations of metaphysical practice

Bridges of Love-Light is a spiritual blog where I hope to share with you metaphysical principles that have helped me immeasurably in my life.  I’ve learned that when I return to the love that I am (and you are), I’m ready to learn what my higher guidance wishes to teach me.  That is one of the foundation principals we will be working with in this space.

My intention is to give you metaphysical (beyond and above the physical; ie. Spiritual, thought, feelings, visions, dreams, vibrations, and frequencies), tools that are simple and easy to use.  You just need to remember to use them.  One of my spiritual teachers, V.T. (Valorie Taylor), told me that that was the entire spiritual path, that we remember to use and practice, practice, practice, practice the simple tools given to us. We will be working  primarily with thoughts, feelings, and your spiritual high- self.  I’m a channel for Sananda (a current name for Jesus, and a call to souls who know him by that name), Kudos (7 spirit Dolphins) and Lela (my high-self).

Today, we’ll work with four foundation principles that have changed my life for the better for many years and are still working.  1.  From Kudos:  Jump.  Kudos tells me that jumping is the instantaneous way to raise your awareness.  I hope you are smiling.  I receive from this guidance to laugh; I almost always do when I jump, and, to not take myself too seriously.  Have a little humor and fun.  Take yourself lightly and don’t forget to play and have fun. 2. Remember, you didn’t create yourself.  You have been created by a loving source, God, Good.  You are unique in the Universe.  Your Creator loves you so much that you are like no other.  For me, that is how God calls me home.  When no one in your world can see that part of you that is unique, your creator can, and that fact is very comforting.  3.  From “A Course in Miracles,” published by Foundation for Inner Peace, workbook for students lesson 101, God’s Will for you is perfect happiness.  The companion principle to this that we will be working with is also from this course and it is from A Course in Miracles Manual for teachers that states your only responsibility is to accept the Atonement for yourself. The atonement being the correction of mistakes through forgiveness and knowing you are innocent. And 4.  Our feelings are our most valuable guidance system.  From:  The teachings of Abraham “Ask and it is Given,” published by Hay House Inc., by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

These are our foundation principles. When you are going to work metaphysically it is very important to start with Love and then proceed.

The tools I’ll most likely speak about most often are thoughts and feelings.  Our thoughts create.  When you think of thought being creative, how do you want to create?  If thought were currency, which it is, how would you like to spend it?  What thoughts make you happy when you think them?  These two works, “A Course in Miracles, and “Ask and it is Given,” are excellent places to start.  They contain all of the foundation principles that I will be referring to.  We will build our course together, here, in this time and place, from this foundation.  I’ve been studying and working with these principles for many years and have reaped so many benefits, I needed to share them with you.  As we proceed together please know that my flights into the higher realms are centered within these principles.  As we get to know each other better, I will introduce other works, including my own, that enhance, expand, and sometimes simplify these teachings.

As a child, I was taught to solve my life problems by reading the weekly bible lesson and a correlation from the metaphysical textbook “Science and Health with key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy.  That habit has continued for a lifetime as I have always been very interested in Spirituality and Mysticism.  Since my nature is being a seeker, and I wanted to find my own  truth I worked with hundreds of wonderful metaphysical books. I’ve felt one of my community services will be to share what has worked for me in those books and hopefully share with you simple correlations of truth that are found in many spiritual texts.

“A Course in Miracles” and “Ask and it is Given” are both courses that can be worked on daily and for years to come.  I have used them both for many years and continue to gain in understanding. I feel strongly, that it is important to have a course guide that you can work on daily.  This helps you focus and remember who you are. One of my own

channelings from Sananda that will serve us in these changing times is to “Become comfortable with Paradox” and “Give your attention, time, and energy to what you want to create and let the rest go.”

Thank you so much for your time and interest.  We are in the midst of a grand spiritual awakening on a universal scale, and you are an integral part of it.  Sananda gave me a picture this morning of each of our part in the puzzle of awakening.  When you see a jigsaw with hundreds of pieces, each a different shape and size with some having only one color and some having all of the colors of the picture we don’t judge that.  Let’s not judge ourselves either.  We have our part, our own puzzle piece, and it doesn’t look like any other.  If your piece is the sky and is all blue or all white of being a cloud  in the sky, then rejoice and thank, you know who you are.  You are pure spirit.  If your piece is an irregular shape with all of the colors of nature, rejoice and give thanks you are reflecting many aspects of being and you need to discover your many faceted personality. If it pleases you, take joy in who you are and in your life, as that will help us all. Much love, Nina

4 thoughts on “Foundations of metaphysical practice

  1. OMGoodness!!! I am so thankful for access to your blog. I feel as if my entire being was refreshed as I read your words. Ahhhh! Thank you, Nina!!! The messages flowed to me as if they were welcomed beloved friends…which, of course, they are! I look forward to more, more, more! love always, Dela

  2. These blogs are wonderful, inspiring and lhealing. They will become your long awaited book. I was able to print them to share. Much love, Charmaine

  3. Nina, I can’t believe I finally found you after all of these years. I kept trying to pull in information about you but I still could not locate you. When I remembered this morning the two dolphins names you connected with in our readings, I typed it into the browser. I saw the colorings and knew it was you. I am so beyond grateful just to have some type of connection. You are the most angelic Being I have met while on my Earth path. I have so missed you. Leslie Cone

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