Spiritual Prosperity-the Law of Attraction

When I was a child and went to Sunday school we were taught that “Love reflects love.”  As I grew up my mother told me often “birds of a feather flock together.”  I was also told that “like attracts like.”  What I didn’t know then was that  those expressions are testimony to the “Law of Attraction.”   Jesus taught us this principle when he said, “to those that have ,it is given, and to those who have not it is taken away.”In my young mind that statement didn’t seem fair.   I thought we should give to those that have not.  I didn’t understand the law of attraction.  Yes, giving is appropriate and an attracting quality to good,  though we each have to learn and discern what we are attracting by our thoughts, actions, and feelings, as that is what we will get more of.  The expression “nothing succeeds like success ,” is another way we discover this principle.

This law is as reliable as gravity and can cause us distress and consternation in our lives if we don’t understand it,  or, joy and fulfillment when we do.

As I spoke of in my last entry, the Hicks material of channeled information from “Abraham” discusses this idea in great detail, in several books, CDs, and tapes that I highly recommend.   I discovered this principle in most of the spiritual prosperity books I have read and used throughout the years.  This subject and the whys and wherefores of creating a happy life led me to teach spiritual prosperity classes for many years.   One of my favorite teachings that I have used as my  “Divine Checkbook” comes from the combination of my Sunday School thought from Mary Baker Eddy, “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need,” and the list of attracting and repelling qualities given to us by  Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer in their book, “Creag Money.”  The list of attracting and repelling qualities  are invaluable when you are wishing to free yourself from the invented belief of scarcity in any area of your life.  When I say invented, I mean there is no basis in spiritual law to say there is scarcity of anything.  Our belief in not enough love, money, food, etc. is learned and we are conditioned to it through family traditions, media, and fear based thought.  When we turn to love based thought we are inspired to see there is infinite love for us here in a myriad of forms.  When we open to our source, love, we discover ways to receive money and what we need through this law of attraction. This law of attraction proves itself over and over when you are aware of it and use it.  When we don’t have a dollar bill to attract another dollar bill we can imagine we do.  We can visualize dollar bills.  We can feel rich in appreciating every good thing we have.  Sananda asks me to be aware of infinity every day, by looking at the stars, or the ocean horizon, or the sky, or the sunrise.  When we do this we come out of limited thinking into allowing our good.  Be gentle with yourself in this change.  “Don’t quit your day job.”  One of my favorite Hicks-Abraham expressions is become good at the “art of allowing.”  Our “day  jobs” either become more spiritual as we grow in truth, or they fall away as our gifts, talents, and self-love awaken.  I hope you enjoy this journey into unlimitedness and recieve the abundant fruits of your labor.

We’ll begin today with one attracting quality that never fails—thankfulness and gratitude.  We always can find something to be thankful for.  The more we appreciate the more we see we have to appreciate.  As we appreciate, we are creating an attracting force for good.

We can only think of one thing at a time so when we focus on thanking we are not focused on any other thought that could repel our good.  A repelling thought would be fear or doubt. In each entry I will give you one attracting quaIity and one repelling.  A quality is more than a thought because it also contains the feeling of the thought, and the frequency or vibration of the word.  A vibration  that matches love and appreciation is very attracting to good. Thinking, speaking, and feeling gratitude and thanks would me more powerful than just thinking.  We are in a potent attracting place to our good when we understand that our core self is good.  Our positive thoughts are more powerful than our negative thoughts.  As we practice feeling good we can’t help but create our good.

Using these principles, and beginning always with Love, I have been given many spiritual and material gifts such as peace, well-being and a beautiful home filled with children, pets and love.  I hope you will try practicing love and thankfulness.  Sometimes when we work with the invisible we give up before the miracle occurs.  It usually takes ten years for an athlete practicing four hours every day to become an Olympic athlete.  Working with thought and feelings is practically instantaneous but releasing your resistance  to your good can take some time to discern.  The rewards of this practice are well worth the time and effort.   If you want to become proficient at the law of attraction, which is a joyful way to create the life you want to live, you need to practice and learn the attracting and repelling qualities.

Next time: another attracting and repelling quality.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Prosperity-the Law of Attraction

  1. Nina I always feel as though I have been bathed with Divine Love & Light each time I read your words or listen to your voice. Such a wonderful Spiritual Showering of joy and gratitude. Thank you for all that you are Nina. Thank you for all that you share. I dearly value and appreciate our friendship. Your website is truly amazing and I am eagerly awaiting my next lesson! Much Love & Light, Debbie : )

  2. Nina, thanks for reminding me of the teaching of Jesus’ about “to those that have, it is given…” It is a master key. Thank you!

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