Why flower essences?

Remember, in our metaphysical and Spiritual practice we always begin with Love.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Why flower essences?  Flowers are a Divine expression of Love and are a bridge to your well-being and health.

Traditionally, we’ve taken flowers to sit on a loved one’s bed side table to encourage health, not even knowing that more than their fragrance, beauty, and color, their very essence heals.  Flowers are from the light, the Angelic and Devic world of love.  Their beingness IS love-light.

The hit play, and then movie ,”Steel Magnolias” had the essence of flowers correct: Stength in beauty, love, gentleness, wisdom ,and humor, while loving life through joy and  all of its heartaches.  The Divine feminine (which is also contained within men) and embodies in women, is expressed as strenth in love with beauty, grace ,and sweet fragrance, like flowers.

With this in mind, you may begin to understand how flower essences work.  Their essence is from the light realms and work on a vibrational level.  They work with your emotions, thoughts, consciousness and body to attain balance and peace.  We know from many recent medical reports that the root cause of most illness or dis-ease is stress.  So it follows that when you attain peace, your natural well-being surfaces and health along with it.

When we have peace and balance in our emotions our own immune system can heal us naturally.  When you use flower essences you are mentally telegraphing the angelic and devic kingdom for specific help.  Angels are in the spirit world all around us and the Devas are on the physical plane though just not visible to most humans as their vibration is so high.

When you begin to use flower essences many benefits accrue besides healing.  One that I love, is the awareness of the wonder of the wholeness of our lives.  We are part of the natural world and the natural world is part of us. In one of my favorite booka, “Stillness Speaks” Eckhart Tolle tells us that nature has been waiting millions of years for us to be aware of it and appreciate our oneness.

Flower essences open us up to the myriad of natural remedies available to us that are potent and easily available; food, herbs, spring water, clean air, sunshine, music, exercise, friends, watching the sunrise and sunset, reading good books, having fun, having something to look forward to, higher purpose, love.  All of these qualities contribute to our upliftment and hence our stronger power to heal ourselves.

I had the privilege to work in our local health food store for one year which gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of flower essences, herbs, and natural foods healing.  One day a senior male customer came in distraught and in tears as his bus driving job for a local resort was very stressful ,and that day, “over the top” stressful.  He was looking for a remedy.  I suggested the Bach flower essence “Rescue remedy” and the store owner said she didn’t think that would be powerful enough.  She had already offered two other herbal remedies which he had tried with no noticeable help.  I mentioned that since this was an emotional situation that rescue remedy would help.  He tried it and came back two days later very stress free and happy.

Rescue remedy is one of the most often recommended remedies.  Dr. Edward Bach a well known London Physician discovered flower remedies in the early part of the 20th century so they have stood the test of time and are becoming more widely known and used.  In the next few weeks I will give you a history of Dr. Bach’s work, videos from You Tube on how to use and prepare the remedies and some of my own experiences using them.

If you are ready to start now, Dr. Bach’s remedies are available at most health food stores.   After being an M..D. for 25 years Dr. Bach said”Quite simply put, flowers heal.”  Though they are a complementary therapy, with no side effects, check with your health care practioner first.  They are preserved in brandy, though are also available preserved in white vinegar.Please note:  If you decide to make your own flower essences make sure you have identified the plant correctly and that it is not poisonous.  Until you feel confident in your ability to make essences use the already prepared ones:  Bach Flower Remedies from his centre in England and easily obtainable in the U.S. from health food stores.  Also you may contact a certified Bach practitioner.

This article is from the Booklet “The How and Why of Flower Essences”, by Nina Wilkins /copyright 2011

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  1. I love this blog!!! I always get so much from what you are sharing and even when I reread the articles, the information seems fresh again like another layer of remembrance. Thank you, Nina.

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