Kudos–7 Spirit Dolphins

You may have heard reports, as they are very common, of people having spiritual,uplifting, miraculous, and healing experiences when they swim with wild or captive dolphins.  Today, I’d like to share with you a way you might have these experiences without being in the water with dolphins. 

Many years ago I attended a spiritual healing workshop in Jackson Hole, WY.  This was a time before I had opened to channel.  In the evening after our workshop session we, about 20 participants, sat in a circle to share our wisdom.  As we went around the circle several of the participants told me they saw spirit dolphins swimming around my head.  That was news to me.  I grew up in San Clemente, CA, surfing and swimming in the ocean almost daily and hadn’t really noticed dolphins that much.  The thought of spirit dophins swimming around my head seemed strange to me even though I knew I was intuitive and could feel what animals were saying; cats, dogs, and horses mainly. I really didn’t know what to make of spirit dolphins.  A couple of years later I formally opened to channel and found I was channeling Sananda and Kudos, 7-spirit dolphins.  I didn’t really have any clue as to how to  channel dolphins. All I knew was what people told me when I was channeling.  They felt and clairvoyantly saw the dolphins and felt uplifted and happy.

The first thing they taught me was how they think in wholeness.  The glass is neither half empty nor half full.  It is completely full; half full of something and half full of air and we need air.  That simple shift in consciousness can make all of the difference.  When I have thought in terms of half empty I ask myself what is the lack here in this situation.  Changing that seeming lack that is invisible to me, though is part of my consciousness (air)  into a problem that can be solved, is a spiritual gift.  The element air represents the mental realm.  What thought or belief in lack is trying to come forward to be changed? If you have the thought, loving relationships are very difficult and you think it so often it becomes a belief that outpictures that experience many times in your life, you could change that to:  loving relationships are easy, fulfilling and add richness to life.  In that way you have changed the “half empty” to full in terms of loving relationships.  It is that easy.  The difficult part is usually that we give up too soon.  Change your beliefs and your world will change.

  When we think in terms of wholeness, nothing lacking, we can discover what thought to change to make the glass not only completely full of what we want in our lives but move to our spiritual inheritance of our cups and glasses running over with prosperity and goodness.

Kudos has taught me to receive their spiritual qualities of synergy, serendipity, and synchronicity.  You will have qualities of the whole being more than the sum of its parts, forunate coincidences, and divine right timing or synchronization of your world when you ask and allow these divine spirit dolphin qualites to come to you.  Timing is everything and having these qualities has brought me prosperity, fun, and joy.

Isn’t it fun to run into just the person you had been thinking about?  I love feeling in sync.  Just as I drive up to my destination the car pulls out leaving me their parking space.  When that happens several times in a day I feel so part of the universal love of the dolphins. 

Synergy reminds us that we are so much more than the sum of our parts.

It is very simple to receive theses qualities from Kudos.  Just as everyone has a guardian angel, each person also has a guardian spirit dolphin.  Just ask to receive synergy, serendipidty, and synchronicity from the spirit dolphins.  When you receive these universal divine qualities I hope they give you the feelings they give me of being connected to all that is, given gifts from the universe, and the feeling of wholeness.      Love, Nina

3 thoughts on “Kudos–7 Spirit Dolphins

  1. Ah, wholeness thinking–nothing lacking! I love that…what thought moves me into my glass overflowing–hmmm? Did you hear about the French limbless man who just swam the English Channel? I think he was into wholeness thinking! And he was accompanied for part of the way by a pod of dolphins!

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