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Grandmother Earth

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin…” – William Shakespeare

I thank CBS Sunday Morning for giving us the lovely Nature videos.

I love standing barefoot on our Grandmother Earth. In a very short  time I feel more vitality and joy within me.

I also feel so much better when I’m taking a hot shower and just consciously let my worries and stress go down the drain. Water is one of the greatest gifts Mother Nature gives to us.

Often these days my intuition says to me, “Just let go.” Return to the Love that You are.

I Love Eckhart Tolle’s teachings on the “Power of Now. ” When  I’m stressed I put my palm down over my heart and breathe deeply. I ask myself, “What thoughts do I want to bring into this Now?” Within a short time I’m back to Peace. 

Over the years I have asked myself, “Divine Love, what is my purpose?” I hear, “Remain calm; step into the Light.” After asking many times, over the years, I hear the same thing, so that is my purpose.  

I give that thought to You, today. These short videos in Mother Nature can help You, if You don’t have time to  walk in Nature. 

Just being receptive as you watch them, helps You imagine  that you are there, hearing the sounds and feeling the breeze on your cheeks. 

I have always loved Canada Geese. They always seem to bring me luck. I love the videographer here,  capturing their eyes and feeling their nobility. Their good parenting is transmitted. Thank you.

In the lower video the colors and tranquillity of the Smoky Mountains, somewhere I have wanted to visit, are available to Us. Deer have been one of my animal totems for many years. Their awareness, gentleness and beauty are unmatched in the animal kingdom.

I’m very grateful for the infinite variety, beauty and Healing power of Mother Nature. We are blessed beyond measure living on this Sweet Earth.

I love what John Denver said of one reason he loved Nature so much: “I love Mother Nature so much because she listens to me.”

Nature Always brings me to Peace, and helps me to “Remain Calm, and Step into the light.”

Love, Nina