Spiritual Prosperity -Delight as Motivation

Remember, the overall theme of this blog is Spiritual Prosperity with a Foundation in Metaphysical Practice.  As I mentioned before, I start my practice with Love, and Kudos tells me to jump.  Jumping makes me laugh.  Not taking myself to seriously is key. You might wonder what Dolphins have to do with this.  As I promised last week, I would give you another attracting quality to your good, and a repelling one.  An attracting quality that the dolphins demonstrate for us is delight as motivation.  Fun, play, and exhuberance are emanated from most dolphins.  A repelling quality is greed.  One aspect of greed is the feeling or thought of “not enough.”  Remember we can only think one thought at a time so to let go of greed we can be in attracting thoughts, feelings, and qualities.  Dolphins love to swim, play, make love and eat herring.  They fish in group cooperation and each gets fed.  They live in many attracting qualities: delight, joy, fun, and play.

One of many experiences I have had of this quality occured right after I started my channeling business.  I was sitting by the telephone waiting for calls and worrying about my non-income.  Just then a friend called to see if I would go surfing with him.  I hadn’t surfed in years and my work ethic was telling me to stay home and do some calls and marketing for my business.  My friend was persistent despite my thoughts of, I don’t have a wet-suit, I’m too fat to borrow yours, and I’m afraid I’ll embarrass myself no end.  Then, I felt Kudos’ (my spirit dolphin guides) energy come to me.  The feeling was so joyful and playful that I took that as a sign to go.  That was one of the most fun days I’ve ever had surfing. Wild dolphins came right near us.  I was so happy to have them come so close to me–an arm’s length away.  The feeling of fun and delight was permeating us and we couldn’t stop laughing.

When I returned home, I had three calls asking for sessions with me.  I felt the delight had shifted me into attracting my good.  That was 20 years ago, and I still use that method of attracting business today. I don’t always go surfing, but I do think or feel delight.  When I’m in a feeling of “not enough” I go back to the qualities and thoughts that attract good.  Delight as motivation is my favorite.

Next week:  another attracting and repelling quality.

7 thoughts on “Spiritual Prosperity -Delight as Motivation

  1. After watching the video about the dog swimming with the dolphins, I had a Divine Shift. At first my eyes were filled with tears as I could feel myself swelling with Love. Building upon itself until a burst of laughter came rolling from my lips. Five minutes later, I am STILL smiling and laughing!

    Nina, you are indeed one of the brightest Lights that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I am eternally grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge and gifts. THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of your world.

    Living in the present moment here and now, yet gratefully being open to our next joy filled lesson. Many thank yous and much Love,

    Deb : )

  2. Thanks, Nina, play is something I need to do more. I am so glad you are sharing information with all of us. You are an example of divine in motion.

  3. Delight as motivation–my heart just opens when I read those words! It certainly is easy to be delighted after viewing this blog because it is clearly a powerful tool …an absolute frequency changer! Thank you!

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